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Monday, July 12, 2010

jilbab kartun cantik

jilbab kartun 1

Still a little story from my trip to Jogjakarta vacation last summer. That afternoon I and Password driving (two wheel) to the Joyful Loka zoo. On the way we passed a school owned by a well-known Islamic foundations in Indonesia. Coincidence that time after school hours and children crowded the gray and white uniform in front of the school. Of course this natural scenery we encounter in the hours after school. But ... .. no view

jilbab kartun 2

When I asked Sandi, do not know what her answer was? "It happens kak Iin, many kok at the mall that scarf like that." Whattt ????? Gray skirt, they are long, but worn with hipster style alias down around her hips. Short white shirt makes little hand is raised dining area of skin around the waist and abdomen will look.

jilbab kartun 3

Unfortunately I did not have time to take the camera in a bag and capture a scene 'unique' is. But more or less this is what I saw that afternoon:

Sandi said it is also true, when my brother and cousin play to the Mall Ambarukmo fringe scarf scenery is quite a lot. Not to mention the super duper ngepress pake dress the body and sleeves are ¾ or 7 / 8 .... Ahhh ... I'm an outdated or is getting crazy times ... Is this a new model hijab headscarf, which will replace this model?

jilbab kartun 4

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