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Thursday, July 22, 2010

islamic muslim women clothing | jilbab muslimah

islamic muslim women clothing is to cover a man and a woman’s body as prescribed by Islamic law. The concept of “islamic muslim women clothing” also requires an understanding of the term mahram and non-mahram. Although muslim men and women are required to dress modestly at all times, a muslim women is usually not subject to the same islamic teachings in front of mahram men.

 islamic muslim women clothing

islamic muslim women clothing fashion is still new in the fashion industry. Further, how does one describe Islamic fashion? The tudung, for example, has been designed and interpreted in many ways. Some people just wear a shawl over their head and you can still see the front part of the hair, some will cover their hair with a scarf and you can still see their neck and some will cover the entire head.

islamic muslim women clothing fashion is an educational process because some Muslim women who wear modern dresses may want to slowly transform themselves and begin dressing the Islamic way a step at a time. A good example is Datuk Siti Nurhaliza.”
 islamic muslim women clothing
Q. How can I wear a skirt for work without looking too feminine?

A. What's so bad about looking feminine? :) To answer your question, "skirt" doesn't necessarily equal ultra-fem, especially when you add structured pieces to complete your outfit. I'd suggest wearing a nice jacket in a menswear inspired fabric like the tweed jacket above. Finish off the look with a structured bag and a simple hijab style for no-fuss modesty.
islamic muslim women clothing
islamic muslim women clothing
islamic muslim women clothing

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