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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Princess jilbab and Indonesia

 A place associated with kontoversi of Miss Indonesia 2009 election. A participant from Aceh willing to follow jilbaabnya off these activities. In a bold move he had left his religious duty in pursuit of worldly desires. 

If we realize, denial-denial of God's obligation is not only done by the participants of the 2009 Princess Indonesia. Lots of people who leave their religious beliefs for the sake of the treasure, throne and the woman / man. The point is they are more interested in the world than the Hereafter, two things that should be balanced. 

And we need to contemplate, especially our own sometimes I also make mistakes or leave a religious obligation. By applying for a job queue we sometimes forget duhur prayer, after going to the movies we are not willing to sunset prayers, for the sake of indulging our bodies through our sleep left morning prayers. 

And I'm sure, still many more other obligations that both consciously and we have not violated for the sake of worldly life. Apparently we are too proud to take advantage of a God of patient, gracious and compassionate. 

Hopefully these reflections could open my heart and you are all that too many obligations that we violate God, too stacked our sins. May we all increasingly aware of the pleasure of God that every moment given to us. 
Amien ......!!!!

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